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Sunshine is always behind the storm

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On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, please accept our most sincere and warm congratulations on this great holiday. We greatly appreciate the positive experience of cooperation between our companies and look forward to the further mutually beneficial development of our partnership.

—— V.P. Vasilyev

we cooperate with Double light for so many times, each time they support us by good products and nice price.

—— Berk from US

Cooperate with Rony, I do not need to worry too much, he can arrange everything well.

—— Harper Steve From Turkey

Dear supplier, I am sending you a conclusion on the assessment of your company based on the results of work for the 4 quarter of 2022. Your company is classified as "A" (excellent) based on an integrated assessment that takes into account various aspects of the business.

—— Harper Steve From Europe

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Sunshine is always behind the storm
Latest company news about Sunshine is always behind the storm

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Doublelight began Chinese New Year holiday on January 18, 2020, and I was full of joy to prepare my holiday, to give myself a short tour,flied 3000 kilometers to China Snow Town, a great place to see the snow view. When I finished my short trip in Northeast China and ready to spend the Spring Festival with my family, I heard the virus news appeared in Wuhan. I bought some face masks before flying and fortunately I did not pass through Wuhan in the plan. Keep with masks from that time, I never thought I have to take masks for 3 months, till today we still have to keep safe by masks here. This storm came too suddenly.

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After the Chinese New Year, just like what you see, the situation was more and more serious, broke my understanding, CNY should be lively and interesting, but at that time the streets are full of tense atmosphere and little people went out. Less visits to relatives and less friends to get together than before, even few restaurants are open, people here are as far as possible to avoid contact, avoid the scourge of coronavirus. We didn't know the real source of the virus, and Wuhan people suffered a lot, there were also some people can't understand them and even scolded them. Some foreign friends also blamed China for its fault. I think it is not the time to scold anyone, but think how to overcome it and get rid of infected. It was like an storm, so suddenly and our lives have been disrupted by it. Sincerely thanks to the government here, Chinese government have done a lot, these days public officials set up gates to keep people from going out or limit people, remark tracking and temperature measurement , a lot of paramedics coordinate around china to fight with the virus. And thanks to the help from friends outside China, we fight against the virus in time. At the beginning it is also hard to get masks here, but now is easier. This special period, we were told to wash hands frequently, keep distance even no to go out. And thanks to the media show us how the situation is going on. We even became supervisors, watching the construction of two hospitals, HuoShenShan and LeiShenShan in a short time to support the medical equipment in Wuhan.


We can’t work for a long time and our company's working time were also been delayed twice, from February 2 to March 8. It was the first time in my working life that I had such a long holiday, and full of discomfort. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the work is intermittent, the impact is very large. Even some of our big orders was affected by the epidemic and the end customer keep hesitating to process with these project because of COVID-19 aftermath. Maybe it’s because that the budget of these projects is huge and it means there is a big risk. It doesn’t matter, we know health is more important than anything. It wasn't the normal work until last week that gradually resumed, but the logistics transportation in some countries is still affected and can not be arranged. Before the outbreak of virus, some goods stranded in China can not be arranged to go out in time, one after another in speeding up the process, we do the arrangements for exports these days.

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So far the trend of overseas outbreak growth is still continuing, China domestic in order to prevent the epidemic rebound, we insist on daily temperature measurement, wearing masks and remark tracking. Doublelight ask all sales to consult the situation from customers, try to help masks support in time. We are glad a lot of clients are prepared, and take measures to deal with the virus, and I feel warm our company can do this thing. Anyway we hope this epidemic will disappear soon and we all can recover to the normal life without the mask.


Life is full of hope and there is a meaning that we can enjoy a lot in the long running life. This epidemic has led a lot of people lose their lives, so regretful. It teaches us more, and people know what is important, what is limited, what is warmth and what is hypocrisy. I think it's an event that should be written into history, like a war of human fight together to against epidemic. It means that we need more science to overcome disease in the near future. Some young people outside China still sought for freedom and didn't know how terrible the epidemic are at this special time, it is hard for us to do something to help those with stubborn mind. Gentle remind only, we all need to face it with scientific cognition. China is able to resist the storm situation, we have tried a lot, we have witnessed the Government's efforts towards the people.


Gentle remind again, try not to go out if possible. We'll all be fine after this storm. if go out, remember to keep a distance, wear masks till the haze is gone. I believe sunshine is behind the storm, China is like a well, and we will never spit to the well where we drink from. Everyone will think where they drink from and respect it.

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