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Subminiature 0201 Package White Chip SMD LED

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Subminiature 0201 Package White Chip SMD LED




Subminiature 0201 Package White Chip SMD LED 


Subminiature 0201 Package White Chip SMD LED has been officially launched ! ! !


With the advancement of technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for electronic products, especially electronic consumer goods, is also increasing. The miniaturization and integration of electronic products is the mainstream direction of development. The function of the product is increasing, and its volume is getting smaller and smaller, and the high density of the components brought about by it is also inevitable. How to place more components in a certain space? The answer of course is to reduce the size of the component.


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Subminiature DL-PCB0201W100-1W120



The picture above is our new product subminiature 0201 Package White Chip SMD LED. It is only one-fourth the size of a common 0402 SMD LED and weighs a quarter of it, occupying 67% less space on the PCB than 0402. This allows for smaller board sizes, higher packing densities, reduced storage space, and ultimately smaller equipment.


Compared with the 0402 SMD led, its specific driving force comes from more and more functions, such as GPS, Bluetooth technology, 802.11 wireless technology, E911, 3G, integrated in other electronic products such as mobile phones and notebook computers. Its lightweight makes it an ideal choice for micro-applications, etc. We believe it will be more widely used in current products.



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1. The 0201 SMD LED is much smaller than lead frame type components, thus enable smaller board size,

higher packing density, reduced storage space and finally smaller equipment to be obtained.

2. Besides, lightweight makes them ideal for miniature applications, etc.





1. Automotive: Backlighting in dashboard and switch.

2. Telecommunication: Indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax.

3. Flat backlight for LCD, switch and symbol.

4. Such electronic equipment as General use.







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